Rinzin Chophel a week ago

I would highly recommend Rats Pest Control Perth as they were able to respond to my concerns in a professional manner while being competitive. One of there team members even educate me regarding how to control this a natural way .Thank you.Greatly appreciated. Highly Recommended. Thanks.


Jenny Sam Bibard3 weeks ago

Very professional service from Rats Pest Control Perth as the technician arrived to site on time and understood exactly what I was after. Sam was friendly and explained the process thoroughly and proceeded with getting the job done. Even though the job was a little larger than still he was not complaining . Fantastic service at a reasonable price for such a quality work . Thanks


Nicola Sullivanin the last week

Very happy with Rats Pest Control Perth services as ultimately I got relief from scratching noises in the roof , spent so many disturbing & terrifying nights due to that. Sam did an excellent job exterminating the mice in my roof. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family. Thanks


Emily Jaynea week ago

I am afraid of mice found one today and phone eco enviro and they had someone at my house winthin a few hours, took less than 30 mins the gent was helpful and reassuring! The warranty gives you 3 months incase your have any problems, which adds to the Great service, thank you so much!


Martina liegat wilsonin the last week

Can highly recommend. We tried other companies as well as Bunnings baits to get rid of the rats in the roof and garden. Loveleen came over about a week ago and the treatment he used has already been highly effective. He definitely knows his stuff and you can expect prompt and thorough service.


Richi kandain the last week

Rats Pest Control Perth Thank You for your excellent service which was on time and done professionally . The issue was fully resolved within 4 days . Sam was very experienced and educative regarding my queries . Centaunly I would recommend you guys ... You deserve


Nidhi2 months ago

Got a reference by my aunt who have rats issues for the last 7 months . I ring couple of different companies and then book Sam even the price was expensive than others as the rat infestation of my aunt was very bad. Got the results less than 2 weeks and it’s was worth spending my money . No regret of spending more on quality services with written warranty .Thanks


Nitika Mehra6 months ago

Sam from Rats Pest Control Perth was brilliant. His expertise and advice in Rat Removal was 2nd to none and I have full confidence in his business and ability. Lovely guy to deal with and he has given us peace of mind as Roof rat removal was a major headache. I highly recommend this company for Rat Removal Perth .

Response from the owner in the last week

Thanks Nikita , for your kind feedback . It means a lot to our company . Have a Great Day

welcome to Rats Pest Control Perth

Are you hearing Scratching Noises from the roof ? Did all the DIY techniques and still Cant get rid of Rats ? Call the Experts (08)62444278 for a long term solution . We are No 1 for RAT CONTROL PERTH . Our technicians are experts in dealing with pest control infestation from Rats , Mice , Spiders , Ants , Bees , Wasp , Fleas , Termites , Bed bugs , Millipedes , Silverfish etc . We have dedicated team who looks after Rat Pest Control and Removal services in Perth . We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our services and that’s why we give a Written Warranty for your peace of mind on the invoice . All of our staff is fully trained & insured and have years of experience in the pest control industry . We use all the different techniques and advance products such as Rat stations , glue boards , baits depending on the level of infestation we are dealing with . We customise the treatment according to the situation and have a 100% success rate so far . Rats not only disturb and scare you by making noises , they cause health issues and damage by chewing your wiring in the roof .We do the treatment and at the same time try to educate the client regarding how to stop this problem for a long term as we have to work as a team for the best results . So stop searching and wasting your hard earn money call RAT CONTROL PERTH and give us a chance to serve you and make your property rat and mice free . Rest the clients feedback on our website is a result of hard work done by our team with full knowledge & dedication resulting in desired results by the client .

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Rats Control Perth Services

Nowadays, Pest is a common problem in all around the world. In Perth and surrounding areas, Pest is a big problem for people to live a safe life in the better environment. Pest is very harmful to human health and the environment. Pest is an insect that attacks food, crops, and other materials. There are different pest available in Perth such as cockroach, spider, flies, rodents, rats, and many others. They all are harmful to human health and the environment. All kinds of pest, rats, and rodents are very harmful to human health and commercial areas. The rodents or rats are destroying the infrastructure of the building, spreading various diseases, and many other effects. Rats are small, furry and beady eyes creature that lives in homes and commercial areas. Mostly, rats are come in the night and finding food material or property in the home.

Rat of Perth:

In Perth, there are most common rat species such as roof rats, rice rats, marsh rats, Norway rats, house rats, bush rats and many others. Each rat species has own eating habits and preference. Rats are spreading various diseases and damaging the home furniture as well as commercial material. If you faced the rat's infestation problem, then you can easily contact with Rodent control Perth. They provide the high quality eliminating services for the customer and safe environment.

Sometimes people using the home remedies for eliminating the rats from home. There are some useful home remedies for rat elimination such as moth balls, ammonia, peppermint oil, onions, black pepper, and many others. Rats are also spreading various harmful diseases such as plague, cholera, dysentery, and various allergic reactions. Then, you need to the professional team for removing rats from home areas such as roof, corner, holes and other kitchen areas. There are some specific signs of rats infestation and people find out the rats infestation in the home and commercial areas.

Signs of Rats Infestation:

  1. Rats Dropping: Rats dropping is important to sign for rats infestation. The rats dropping are 12mm long, black and tapered. The people inspect the home areas with rats dropping and well sure about the rat's infestation.
  2. Making Mud trails: Rats are making the mud trails around the home areas, and then people can inspect the infestation of rats in homes.
  3. Scratching Sound: Rats make the chattering, squeaking and hissing noise. If you hear any scratching noise from roofs, then the rats are infested in your home.
  4. Rat holes: Rats are capable to make holes in wood furniture and concrete which help to create burrows for everything they want.

Then, people can take a help from Pest treatment Perth. The Perth team can be followed the different techniques for eliminating the pest. The rats control Perth provides high-quality services at fewer prices. If you are suffering from the rodent problem, then you can take a help from Rats control services Perth. The control team provides high-quality services at a cheaper rate and affordable price. They eliminate the rats from your home and the external environment. If you are not satisfied with the services, then the rat's control service Perth can take a guarantee for your money. If the pest is not properly removed from your home and you are not satisfied with this work, then the control team gives 100 percent cash back guarantee for the customers.

The Rats Control Services can save you from rat infestation and they also eliminate the rats from homes such as corners, holes, roofs and other home places or commercial areas. The expert control team can control the rats and provide the safe environment. The team members are well professional in their work and they can remove the rodent from home and outside area within a specific time. The customer can save money or time with the help of rats control service Perth.

Please CONTACT Rats Pest Control Perth on 0862444278. We will REACH you soon.

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